Travel Destinations in the Indian Sub-Continent & Ocean

India, Pakistan  and Bangladesh plus Sri Lanka dominate this region.  India clearly has some very interesting and cultural places worth visiting but at the forefront of holidays in this region are Sri Lanka and the a string of Indian Ocean Islands.

Few locations in the world conjure such majestic dreams as some of the Indian Ocean Islands and there is absolutely no substitute for a holiday in the Maldives, Mauritius, Sri Lanka or the Seychelles.

Turn your dreams into reality with an unforgettable Indian Ocean holiday, whether you seek the luxury and romance of the Maldives, the more cosmopolitan yet pretty Mauritus, the history and culture of colourful Sri Lanka or the secluded splendour of the sumptuous Seychelles.

Indian Sub-Continent




Sri Lanka

Popular Destinations in the Indian Ocean

Andaman Islands (I)

Christmas Island (A)

Lakshadweep Islands (I)

Langkawi Islands (ML)


The Maldives

Phuket (Th)




Zanzibar (T)

Other Destinations in the Indian Ocean

Ashmore & Cartier Islands (A)

Bajuni Islands (S)

Bane du Geyser (F)

Bassas da India (F)

Bazaruto Archipelago (M)

Chagos Islands (UK)

Cockatoo Island (A)

Cocos (Keeling) Islands (A)


Dirk Hartog Island (A)

Euggano Island (In)

Europa Island (F)

Garden Island (A)

Glorioso Islands (F)

Houtman Abrolhos (A)

Ile Saint-Paul

Jaffna Island (SL)

Juan de Nova Island (F)

Kerguelen Islands (F)

King Island (A)

Koolan Island (A)

Lamu Archipelago (K)

La Roche Godon

Mafia Island (T)

Mannar Island (SL)

Mentawai Islands (In)

Mergui Archipelago (My)

Mansalar (In)

Mayotte (F)

Nias Islands (In)

Nicobar Islands (I)

Pamban Islands (I)

Pemba (T)

Penang (ML)


Phi Phi Islands (T)

Pini Island (In)

Quirimbas Archipelago (M)

Reunion (F)

Rottnest Island (A)

St Marys Island

Saad ad-Din Islands (S)

Simeulue Islands (In)

Socotra Island (Y)

Tromelin Island (F)

Vypin Island (I)

Vamizi Island (M)

Vallarpadam (I)

Willingdon Island (I)

Wen Island (In)

Parent Nations: (A) Australia; (F) France; (I) India; (In) Indonesia; (K) Kenya; (M) Mozambique; (ML) Malaysia; (My) Myanmar/Burma; (S) Somalia; (SL) Sri Lanka; (T) Tanzania; (Th) Thailand; (UK) United Kingdom; (Y) Yemen.


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