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Going Grand on Lake Garda

There cannot be many better ways of relaxing and getting away from it all than taking a few days off and travelling to Lake Garda in North Italy. There are some wonderful thing about Lake Garda.  For a start it is in easy reach of Verona Airport to where there are many flights from Britain. It also provides something for everybody.  There are the tourist centres in the south; there is the alpine region in the north. But the jewel in the crown is Gardonne Riviera with its Grand Hotel a favourite destination for Winston Churchill.

The Ypres Salient

The amazing story as to why Ypres was so important to the Allies during the First World War.  And why the people of Ypres have never forgotten the loss of civilian and military life in Ypres and the Ypres Salient during that time. As you stand today in the main square of Ypres and survey the ornate buildings around you it is hard to believe that the whole area was razed to the ground during the war and then later completely rebuilt.  It took until 1935 to rebuild the Cathedral and the Cloth Hall. It is no wonder that more and more Brits visit here each year to learn the history, visit the numerous battlefield sites and pay homage to a past generation.

Paphos, Cyprus – Your Sunshine Destination

Paphos is situated on the south-west coast of Cyprus in the far south of the Mediterranean. It is the ideal holiday destination for families seeking sunshine, relaxation, good food, places of interest and, perhaps, a little culture. Cyprus has, arguably, one of the best climates in Europe. There is Blue skies, 340 days of sunshine a year, and swimsuit temperatures from April onwards.  This is truly the ideal family holiday destination.

Waterloo Revisited

Europe is littered with historic battlefields yet, perhaps, none is more honoured or revered than the one at Waterloo. A visit to Waterloo is a true “must” for anyone with even just a little interest in History.  This battlefield site, perhaps like very few others, is able to convey superbly not only an understanding of the tactics and heroism of the day but also the image of blood, thunder and carnage that took place on the 18th June 1815.

Spa or Silverstone – To Which Grand Prix Should I Go?

If you like it fast, furions and noisy, then you must go to a Grand Prix. For British spectators there are now only two Grand Prix within easy reach. The British Grand Prix is at Silverstone & The Belgium Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps. Which is the better? The answer is not simple. There may be the same cars, same drivers and same teams at both, but they are very different in both nature and atmosphere.

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